Handmade Stuffed Animals

stuffed mice two stuffed mice on a bench 'mouse reading a book' "mice wedding" stuffed animals stuffed mouse with flowers
vintage style mouse vintage style stuffed mice stuffed mouse with a flowerpot 'big sad cat' stuffed animal stuffed mice in t-shirts "cat with a pigeon"
"gawking goat" stuffed fluffy cat fat grey cat 'flirtatious rabbit' "winter mice"
two stuffed rats sleeping cat "tomcat & mouse" striped stuffed cat 'flirting mice' stuffed animals
chummy stuffed cat with mice stuffed cat holding a mouse and a flower 'mother mouse with a baby' tabby cat stuffed red cat & hamsters stuffed cat & mouse
stuffed bear wearing sweater stuffed cat with kittens stuffed fox wistful stuffed cat stuffed brown bear wedding mice
"sheep in flowers" two stuffed sheep stuffed rabbit with a string-bag stuffed hedgehogs dating mice
brown stuffed hamsters brown and white stuffed hamsters good crop stuffed mice yellow stuffed hamster mouse wedding
stuffed rats stuffed hamster red stuffed hamster spotted stuffed hamster fat mouse
stuffed hammy "mice on a date" stuffed animals mouse with a gift "rabbit at rest" two young mice
stuffed mouse couple 'mice blowing bubbles' stuffed rabbit ram & sheep (needle felted animals) needle felted panda stuffed mouse
small stuffed goat stuffed racoon brown bear cub sun cat - needle felted red stuffed bear
needle felted bear needle felted duck "good cat" stuffed animal big spotted cat rabbit with flowers  "learned cat" needle felted toy
stuffed rabbit  "young bear" realistic stuffed mouse sad dog - needle felted  stuffed red fox
stuffed kitten  "playful kittens" stuffed animals happy cat with kittens stuffed guinea pig
stuffed bear with a salmon "rogue cat" stuffed animal "tender mice" stuffed rat with a flowerpot small stuffed rabbit
stuffed hedgehog, pretty nosey stuffed hedgehog on all fours stuffed kitten toy stuffed bunny "dancing rats"
"mice stealing biscuits" timid rabbit stuffed rabbit with cabbage "romantic mice" stuffed animals "autumn mice"
grey tabby (needle-felted) fluffy kittens toys needle felted dogs "rats playing" "gardening mice"
stuffed goat with a watering can miniature needle-felted animals fluffy stuffed rabbit "two chatting mice" stuffed animals "sleeping cat and playful mice"
needle felted sheep miniature needle felted hare stuffed rabbit with basket small needle felted cat stuffed squirrel
white stuffed rabbit white needle felted sheep "red fox-cub" two stuffed mice "cat & birds reading"
stuffed mouse eating cheese stuffed hamster holding an apple "pregnant mouse" playful cat miniature fox
stuffed fluffy rabbit stuffed bunny with a red nose miniature bread and pastry "sleeping kitty" stuffed animal "rendezvous - mice on bench"
"elderly hamster" "harvesting mice" stuffed animals "little drunkards" needle-felted sheep and lamb winter walk - stuffed mice with sledge
"rabbit in love" stuffed animal stuffed mouse wearing hat small white cat 'winter mice on snow" stuffed animals "newly married" - stuffed mice skiing mouse
"cute squirrel" "wary rabbit" stuffed animal stuffed hedgehogs big white rabbit toy sweet mouse holding berries stuffed mouse with a present
two small stuffed mice stuffed animals listening to a story stuffed grey autumn mice "sitting bear" fluffy hamster
stuffed bear in the snow red stuffed crouching bear "mice picking berries" miniature stuffed cat reading a book stuffed bunny with an orange "sunny rabbit" stuffed animal
stuffed grey cat stuffed sleeping cat fluffy cat with a kitten stuffed cat with kittens
Christmas mice plush dachshund three plush dachshund dogs "travelling mouse" stuffed yellow ducklings
stuffed ducklings stuffed red fox realistic stuffed hamsters fat stuffed hamster "hedgehogs drinking tea" stuffed animals
stuffed hedgehog holding apple fat hedgehog with an apple stuffed hedgehog with apple "cute hedgehog" stuffed animal stuffed hedgehog family stuffed white kitty
stuffed white bunny stuffed red squirrel "mouse friends" mice with berries miniature mice reading
stuffed mice with cheese and berries miniature pumpkin mice "autumn rats" stuffed animals "Christmas mice" stuffed mouse with a christmas ball
"happy mice couple" "winter walk" stuffed mouse with hazel nuts "mouse prince" stuffed mouse holding a rose miniature stuffed mouse with a tangerine
"skiing rabbits" stuffed animals fat stuffed rabbit stuffed rabbit fluffy rabbit small sad rabbit gardening mouse with a rake
stuffed red kitten stuffed red squirrel stuffed tiger cub "newly wedded" stuffed mice "by the cradle" stuffed mice
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Some of my stuffed animals (the fluffy ones) are knitted from mohair, others are textile or needle felted from wool. All of the animals shown in this gallery have been sold, but you can join my mailing list to be notified about new work available for sale. To join the list, please email me at or
I now post photos of my newest toys to a separate gallery here.

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